It’s the beginning of a new year, time to start planning your next travel adventure. Maybe this year will be the year you’ll finally go backpacking through Europe or soak up the sun on a tropical island. Whatever it is, no holiday is possible without … yea you guessed it, MONEY. Here are 5 useful tips to help you save for your next holiday:

Research, research, research

Before anything else, do your homework. Get on the internet to find out more about your travel destination; how to get there, what to do, which restaurant to eat at, where to visit etc. By doing this you can roughly estimate how much you will need to spend on your trip.

Determine a budget

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - budget (2)

From the research you have done, roughly come up with an overall budget for your entire trip. You can even go a step further by breaking the budget up into sub-categories such as; transportation, accommodation, food etc.

Set up a savings account for travel

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - budget

Planning a holiday is just half the battle, the other half, saving up for it. So to make your travel dream come true, set up a savings account dedicated to your travel needs. Now this is something you can do even if you do not have any up and coming travel plans, it’s always good to be well-prepared.

Commit to your travel savings account

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - dedication

Saving up for a trip can sometimes prove to be challenging, this is where discipline comes into play. Once you’ve set up a savings account, it’s time to commit to it. Set aside a small amount every month to put into your travel savings account or (if you lack the will power) you can even go a step further by setting up an S.I (standing instruction) to auto transfer the money every month.

Start cooking your own meals

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - home cooking

Let’s face it; we spend a huge chunk of our monthly salary (aside from paying the bills) on eating out. So to help save for your holiday, it’s time to start cooking your own meals. Not only does it help save money it’s also a great way to start eating healthy which will in turn help you get in shape and looking great during your tropical beach retreat.

Can you imagine yourself on your dream holiday now? 😉

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - dream holiday