Travel Hacks: Packing Your Luggage

Travel Hacks For Packing

Whether it is a weekend getaway or a month long trip through Europe, we all face the same conundrum, how to pack our luggage. You don’t want to over pack but at the same time you can quite shake the feeling that you should pack that extra pair of jean just in case. So here are some packing hacks to help you pack for your next travel adventure:

Don’t fold your clothing, roll them!

Travel Hacks - Rolling Clothing

By folding your clothing you are making more room in your luggage and it also helps to reduce wrinkling.

Invest in some travel gear

Travel Hacks - Travel Gear

It’s all about portability and minimizing space consumption. Getting travel size toiletries and gadgets will help make more room in your luggage.

Use plastic wrap / plastic bags to pack your jewellery

Travel Hacks - Wrapping Jewellery

Now this is for the ladies. No holiday outfit is complete without some accessories but often time chains and necklaces get tangled up in the packing process. So to avoid your jewellery getting all tangled up use plastic wrap / bags to individually pack them.

Mix and match the outfits your pack

Travel Hacks - Mix & Match Outfits

Pack clothing that could be easily mixed and matched. Think neutral colors, black bottoms and colourful tops.

Leave some breathing room in your luggage

Travel Hacks - Save Space in Luggage

It is always good to not fully utilize all the space in your luggage when packing. Leave some breathing room for souvenirs and dirty laundry.

Pack your shoes in shower caps

Travel Hacks - Packing Shoes in Shower Cap

This is a great way to keep your shoes clean or if your have dirty shoes, it’s a way to keep your clothes clean in your luggage.

Double-bag toiletries to prevent spills

Travel Hacks - Double Bag Toiletries

To avoid your lotions, shampoos and bath gels from spilling in your luggage, double bag your toiletries.

Bring along tote bags for dirty laundry and souvenirs

Travel Hacks - Packing Extra Tote  Bag

It’s always good to be prepared in case you go on a shopping spree during your holiday or if you need to pack your dirty laundry separate from you luggage.

Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation

Travel Hacks - Packing Liquid Foundation

Ladies this is one travel hack you’ll be glad to know. Instead of bringing the whole bottle of foundation, use leftover contact lenses cases to store them.

4 thoughts on “Travel Hacks: Packing Your Luggage

  1. Amazing tips. I love your idea of packing my jewellery in plastic bags. I am going to follow your advice. Next week I am going to France so my jewellery will be the most important part of my outfit. Greetings!

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