Top Places to Visit in Osaka

Best things to do in Osaka


Osaka is the largest port city in Japan, famous for its modern architecture, booming nightlife and delicious street food. From outstanding shopping experiences, breath-taking cultural monuments and scenic landscape here some of the best things to do in Osaka:

‘Tenjin Matsuri’ Festival at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Best things to do in Osaka - Osaka Tenmangu Shrine

Apart from being a place of adoration for one of Japan’s greatest scholars, Sugawara Michizane, the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine plays host to the biggest festival in Japan, ‘Tenjin Matsuri’ which takes place every July. The festival features breath-taking traditional Japanese performing art, music and bunraku puppets performances. Note to be missed is the highlight of the festival an exciting parade held at both on land and river.

Kema Sakuranomiya Park

Best things to do in Osaka - Kema Sakuranomiya Park

Japan is famous for its beautiful sakura flowers and Kema Sakuranomiya Park is one of the best places to walk amongst breath-taking blooming sakura trees. The park houses over 4,700 cherry trees. This riverside park features a stunning river terrace between Kema Araizeki (overflow weir) and Temmabashi Bridge. The lush greenery, classical-style buildings and breath-taking cherry blossoms makes for a perfect evening walk around the park.

Nanba Grand Kagetsu Theater

Best things to do in Osaka - NGK Comedy Theater

Laughter is the best medicine and same philosophy applies even if you are on holiday. Nanba Grand Kagetsu Theater is the headquarters of Yoshimoto, a Japanese comedy brand. Audiences can expect outstanding comedic performances, such as Shin-Kigeki (“New comedy”), Manzai (“comic duo”), Kontos (“comic chat”) and Rakugo. These performances run twice a day, for your entertainment. So get ready for heaps of laughs and a heartfelt good time.

Osaka Castle

Best things to do in Osaka - Osaka Castle

Surrounded by beautiful stone walls citadels, gates, turrets and a moat, Osaka Castle spans over two square kilometres of green space. The Nishinomaru Garden lay within the castle grounds, encompassing the former western citadel. The garden houses a lush lawn garden with 600 cherry blossom trees and a dainty tea house. This is also one of the most popular hanami spot during cherry blossom season.


Best things to do in Osaka - Shinsaibashi

The shopping district of Osaka, Shinsaibashi is a great place to unleash the raging shopaholic lying dormant in you. At the center of the district lays Shinsaibashi-suji a covered shopping street located north of Dōtonbori and parallel and east of Mido-suji Street. Shinsaibashi got its name from many town bridges (“Machi-bashi”) around the area. This is a great place to discover the local and latest pop trends.

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