10 of the worst kind of travellers who could turn your holiday into a nightmare (Help. Me.)

Travelling is a double-edged sword; you can experience the best life has to offer and at the same time(or place), experience a total nightmare. Part and parcel of travelling is meeting people who hail from various backgrounds. Yup, you will meet the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Here are the worst kind of travellers you pray you don’t go on vacation with, or meet on your travels:

The Schedule Tyrant


The person who would make your high-school discipline teacher proud, the Schedule Tyrant needs everyone to stick to the itinerary. Everything revolves around the Schedule Tyrant’s agenda.

If you think that extra five minutes you’re going to take at the souvenir shop is not going to make a difference, you are sadly mistaken. If you’re supposed to be at the restaurant at 7:30, you WILL be at the restaurant at 7:30, sharp (!!).

The Inconsiderate Airplane Passenger

A total nightmare, this is the person who has absolutely no regard for the other passengers in nearby seats. Who cares if they’ve left a soiled nappy in the pocket of their seat or if you feel their heel brushing against the top of your head? Not this passenger!

These people are so horrible, there is an entire Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to ‘Passenger Shaming.’

The Smartphone-Obsessed


Never seen without a smartphone in hand, these travellers are the ones who usually dash to the phone kiosks in airports to buy sim cards or will ask for the WiFi password of every building they step into.

There is no reasoning with these people who check in at every place possible on social media or post pictures of their vacation, even if most of it is spent staring at their screens.

The Snap Happy/Selfie Addict


The snap happy or selfie addict will go to great lengths to get that Instagram-worthy picture at all costs, even if it means they annoy everyone in their group. These are the people who stop every five minutes to take 983247263 pictures next to that cute fire hydrant from 379469 angles, or ignore that ‘do not cross’ sign in sacred historical sites to get that perfect shot.

Friends in the vicinity, be warned. You may be roped into becoming their unofficial photographer, or become the unwilling subject of their shots and selfies.

The Chatterbox Seatmate

giphy (1)

Perhaps one of the last people you’d want to be sat next to on a long journey on the place or a bus, the Chatterbox is the person who talks and talks and talks at you throughout the flight, even if you have politely asked them to leave you to your reading, or slumber.

In situations like these, it may be a good idea to put on a pair of headphones, even if you are not planning to listen to anything on them.

The Bragger


A distant relative of the Chatterbox Seatmate, the Bragger is the ‘seasoned traveller’ who has hiked to the Everest Base Camp or ridden on the back of a camel through the Sahara Desert for forty days and forty nights with the numbered photo albums on their facebook page to prove it.

When it comes to the itsy bitsy details of their trips, you will not be spared and chances are, you will be sat there for hours hearing about the time they lost their passport while partying it up in the red light district in Bangkok.

The Rude/Obnoxious Tourist


The type of tourist so horrible news articles and flyers have been made in their honour, the Rude/Obnoxious Tourist is the one who does what he/she wants to do, even if it upsets the locals.

These are the ones who forget that they are the visitor in a foreign land and possibly look down on the locals who don’t speak their language. As the saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do,’ and they should follow suit.

The Security Line Delayer


This is the person who takes his or her time in front of you at the security line check, slowly removing watches, belts, and laptops or refuses to cooperate with the authorities with whining along the lines of “do I really need to take my shoes off?” or “it’s only water in that bottle.”

There’s nothing much you can really do about this person except pray that they will suddenly be overwhelmed with a sense of urgency.

The Unadventurous Eater


“Can you tell me where the closest McDonald’s is?”

The unadventurous eater is he/she who refuses to try anything new, whining about how gross it looks or how they don’t eat anything they cannot pronounce.

There are a lot more things in the world more fatal than trying fried dumplings by the side of the road in Shenzhen or Satay in a night market in Kuala Lumpur.

The Scatterbrain


Perhaps the weakest link in a tour group, the forgetful traveller is the person who misplaces his/her boarding pass or forgets to check his/her passport expiry date, potentially causing the rest to miss their flight or bus rides.

Should you come across this person, the best thing to do is to pair them with the Schedule Tyrant to make sure that they are checked at all times for smooth sailing.

Regardless of how these people are, you should never let anyone ruin your trip. Remember, you’re on holiday. If anything, they will add a little ‘flavour’ to the stories you’ll be telling others of your vacation.

Arrange your holiday, stress-free:

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