Off the Beaten Track: Activities for the Adrenaline Junkie in Asia

Visiting a new destination is always an exciting thing as there is plenty to explore, from cultures to food to places of interest. However, there are the few who rather take it up a few notches and experience a different kind of adventure far from the city and temple hotspots.

If extreme and outdoor activities are what you crave, these are a few activities you can take part in while travelling around Asia.

White Water Rafting


A must for the thrill seeker, white water rafting is essentially navigating an inflated raft down a river. You will have your heart pumping as you paddle down drops and sharp corners.

Varying in different degrees of difficulty, White Water Rafting levels range from Class 1 (basic) to Class 6 (dangerous).

Manoeuvre a raft through the waters of the Songprak River in Krabi (Class 2-4), sandwiched between lush jungles, explore the previously untouched waters of the Ayung River in Bali (Class 2-3), take it slow in Sabah’s Kiulu River (Class 1-2) or go all out in the Himalayan waters of the Trishuli River in Kathmandu (Class 1-4).

Rock Climbing

Perhaps the best way to get over a fear of heights, rock climbing is for those who want to push their limits and experience what can be described as a slow adrenaline rush.

Extremely addictive, rock climbing is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or physique. All you need is guts and a sharp eye for safety.

Scale the cliffs in Krabi, Thailand, the mecca of the rock climbing world, take in the view of China’s countryside from the rocks in Yangshou, or take your climbing skills to greater heights in Northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai.



Also known as the flying fox or aerial runway, zip-lining uses gravity to propel its user down a long steel cable, an incredible experience for those who are up for the thrill of flying through the jungle from the safety of a harness.

Initially used as a mode of transport through mountainous terrain or to cross rivers, zip-lining has become a popular outdoor activity for both adults and kids.

Zip through the jungle canopy of Chiang Mai at 21mph, race your friends to the bottom at Singapore’s Mega Zip Adventure Park, fly like the wind in Phuket or take it up a notch at the Angkor Complex Zipline Adventure in Cambodia along 10 ziplines!

Mountain Biking


Essentially cycling off road or on dirt roads using bikes that have been built to handle rough terrains, mountain biking is a sport that has been gaining popularity over the past few years.

Also a great way to explore the jungle, mountain biking brings you right smack into nature as you navigate through trees, slopes, and natural ramps.

Go on a 4-day cycling adventure through the hills of Chiang Dao to the Maekok river valler in Chiang Mai, discover Phnom Kulen in Siem Reap and its temples, waterfalls and river beds, rough it out on the challenging Buffalo Soldier Trail in Chiang Mai or go extreme on an 18-mile trail in Khao Ito, near Bangkok.

Scuba Diving

The earth is covered two-thirds in water and what is exploration if you do not get several metres below the water’s surface?

Perfect for the sand and sea lover, scuba diving is an extreme activity that allows one to observe marine life in the most natural way possible, or to explore wrecks and caves under the sea.

Explore the UNESCO world Biosphere Reserve of Cham Island in Vietnam, take a full day to see the diverse marine life around the famous Similan Islands in Thailand, or simply go all the way and obtain an Open Water Certification in Bali, Indonesia.



Challenging yet rewarding, hiking is the best fun you can have simply by putting one foot in front of the other!

Varying in different degrees of difficulty, hiking can be fun for the whole family, or the adventurous traveller wanting to get in touch with nature.

Follow a guide through the Champadevi countryside in Nepal, search for sunrise as you hike up the highest mountain in Bali, Mt Agung or embark on a hiking excursion on one of Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, Mt Kinabalu.

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)


Also known as the quad-bike or four-wheeler, the ATV will have you on the edge of your seat as you zip across various landscapes.

A trip that could potentially be a massively muddy one, make sure you’ve the right clothing and footwear on before embarking on what could be the ride of your life.

Drive your own bike or ride pillion through the mountain trails in Chiang Mai, explore the Balinese landscape in Ubud or navigate through mangrove forests and along the beach in Phuket.

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