8 amazing experiences you must have in Sydney

One of the largest cities in Australia, Sydney is an ever popular destination to those who pay a visit to the Eastern side of the country, with an estimated 3.1 million international visitors who said hello in 2014.

Though a bustling city, there are many things for the traveller or tourist to experience while in the state capital of New South Wales.

Go on a historic walking tour of Sydney’s Razor Wars locations


Take a walk on the wild side with this fascinating guided tour of the neighbourhoods of the Razor gang wars that took place in the 20’s and 30’s. Learn about the bootleggers, brother owners and gangs that dominated territories around Sydney, and gave Kings Cross its reputation as a notorious district back in the day.

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Dance around Sydney with a Silent Disco tour group


Get your groove on and dance like no one is watching on this Silent Disco Dance tour through the streets of Sydney! Put on the supplied headphones as you and your group boogie to the same music during this unique one-hour tour, led by a guide. Expect laughter, energy and giggles all around.

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Paddle your way through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park


Explore the waters of the National park and its surroundings with a local guide on this stand-up paddleboard tour from Basin Campground. This place is perfect for beginners with its calm waters. Be on the lookout for wildlife who call the park home such as wallabies, birds and goannas.

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Aerobatically fly 2000ft above Sydney


If you’re quite the adrenaline junkie, you will love this acrobatic flight using stunts developed during WWI to avoid being shot down during air combat. Expect loops, barrel rolls, wingovers and more as you soar through the Sydney sky on this unforgettable flight!

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Visit the award-winning Taronga Zoo


Dubbed one of the best zoos in the world, Taronga Zoo is an absolute must for the zoo buff paying Sydney a visit. Divided into various sections, this zoo is home to about 4,000 animals and 350 different species. On top of that, keeper talks, animal shows and tours take place throughout the day, ensuring that you’ll always be entertained!

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Get spooked on a ghost walking tour


Take a step back in time and walk around the spooky haunts around Sydney city on this supernatural tour. Learn about unresolved mysteries and murders that revolved around The Rocks, a hangout for sailors and prostitutes back in the 1800s, and the stories that link these places to the Harbour Bridge, Susannah Place and the Orient Hotel.

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Climb 440ft up the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Climb up the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and learn all about this amazing structure on the way to the summit at 440 feet above sea level. Take in the panoramic view of the city as you embark on this 3.5-hour tour, with a professional climbing guide who will lead the way.

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Speed in a racing car around Sydney Motorsport Park racetrack


Satiate the speed demon in you on this Formula Ford Racing experience, as you drive around a race track in an authentic Formula Ford Spirit or Van Diemen car, prepared for races, just like the Formula Ford Championships. Just make sure you are equipped with a manual driver’s license before participating!

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