Fancy taking USD100 off your holiday?

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The Eid Mubarak festivities are just around the corner and we want to celebrate this occasion with you! The best celebrations are the ones that are shared with friends and family and in light of this, we are giving away 3x USD100 coupon codes for your upcoming holiday itinerary. Go on that quad-bike tour around the rice fields in Bali or get in touch with your inner Indiana Jones on a tour around the Angkor Wat temples, on us!

That sounds amazing! What do I need to do?
Step 1: Log into Touristly
Step 2: Create a trip with your preferred destination
Step 3: Add attractive activities to your trip
Step 4: Share your trip on Facebook with the hashtag #touristlyholidays so we can find you (psssst, don’t forget to change your post settings to ‘Public’)

That is easy! When does this start?
From the 22nd of June 2016 until the 4th of July 2016 so make sure you create a super amazing itinerary and share them between those dates.

How will I find out if I’ve won?
We will be making announcements on Facebook, via comments on the winners’ post. Make sure you have liked and are following Touristly on Facebook so you don’t miss out if you have won.

Are the coupons only available for use during the Eid Mubarak holidays?
Good news! These coupon codes will be made available for you to use until the 31st of August 2016.

What are the terms and conditions?
For more information, head over to the Terms and Conditions page on our Touristly website.

Curate your holiday itinerary, and SHARE!

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