Must visit places for the mountain lover in Asia Pacific

The beach may be an all-time favourite but for some, the call of the mountains may be more appealing. It can be hard to say no once one has felt on top of the world, literally, taking in the view of majestic cliffs, gorges, and valleys. Here are some must visit places if you need to see the world from such great heights.

Huashan Mountain, China


The Huashan Mountain, or also known as Mt Hua is one of China’s most notable and adventurous mountains with an altitude of 7,087 feet. It is famous for its challenging hiking paths dotted with religious sites and spectacular views.

 Blue Mountains, Australia


Visiting The Blue Mountains in Australia has become a pilgrimage of sorts for the outdoor enthusiast. See the Three Sisters rock formation and take in the view while being occasionally greeted by the Australian wildlife.

Seoraksan Mountain, South Korea


The highest mountain in the Gangwon Province, Seoraksan Mountain, meaning ‘snowy-crags’ is a thing fairytales are made of with its misty panoramic views, especially come sunrise.

Chiang Dao Mountain, Thailand


Home to many ethnic hill tribes, Chiang Dao Mountain  is a stunning limestone mountain in the North of Thailand. A popular must-visit with adventurous tourists, this place has many hiking trails used by the locals themselves.

Mau Son Mountain, Vietnam


4,921 feet above sea level, Mau Son Mountain in Northeast Vietnam has breathtaking views and amazing scenery from every angle. Visit the local families that live in the area and savour the crisp air.

What are your favourite mountainous areas? Do let us know in the comments below.

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