Haunted tours to get you into the Halloween spirit

In view of the Halloween festivities, what better way to celebrate that to get spooked out on a ghost tour? Here are some ghoulish places that you can haunt with the residents in Asia and Australia:

Gold Coast, Australia

haunted ghost tours in Gold Coast, Australia

Discover the creepier side of Surfer’s Paradise as you walk through the haunted streets of the city, or huddle around the Southport General Cemetery as you listen to tales of the unmarked graves and ghostly rituals.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney The Rocks haunted ghost walking tour

Explore The Rocks, the hangout areas of prostitutes and sailors back in the day with a guide on this haunted tour,  who will take you on a journey through the tales of paranormal unrest around the areas of Harbour Bridge, Dawes Point, Atherden Street, Susannah Place and the Orient Hotel.

Seoul, South Korea


The only ghost tour in Korea, step back in time on this walking tour  and listen to the horrific accounts of bloody massacres and mourning ghosts from 600 years ago. From psychological warfares to slaughter sites and torture chambers.

Adelaide, Australia

Gaol Adelaide Ghost haunted walking tou

Reported to be a place of incredibly high paranormal activity, visit the Adelaide Gaol jail which was home to over 300,00 murderers, rapists, gangsters, and the lot from the 1840s till 1988 with a local guide. Who knows, you may experience a ghastly encounter.

Plan your holiday itinerary, stress-free:

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