Unique things to do with your family in Bali

Not sure on what to do or where to go with your family during this upcoming school holidays? Well, it might just be time for you to consider Bali as the next destination for your family holidays! With countless of unique and fun-filled activities that is catered for families and kids, boredom is no longer an option when you’re in Bali!

Here are some unique things to do with your family in Bali:

Ride an Underwater Scooter 


Always wanted to take the entire family out to marvel through the beauty of ocean seabeds? The easiest and most fun way to do so is by riding an underwater scooter in Bali! With no diving experiences required, the Bali underwater scooter offers great fun for families of all ages.

Learn to fly Trapeze 

high-flyers-baliPhoto taken from http://www.bali-indonesia.com/

Soar up high in the sky and feel as if you’re flying without wings when you go on a class to learn how to fly a trapeze in Kuta, Bali! During this thrilling 75 minute experience, you and your family can attempt to perform some aerial tricks in the sky under the guidance of an expert instructor. Something to make everybody envious of your family holiday photos!

Go on a White Water Rafting adventure

telaga-waja-adventure-river-rafting-8Photo taken from http://baligolfcourses.com/

While learning how to fly a trapeze may be fun, adventurous families travelling to Bali will definitely appreciate the rush of adrenaline through rafting! White water rafting through the high-speed, rapid streams has been a specialty of Bali, and it is something that simply cannot be missed by any adventurous families!

…or a River Tubing Adventure

bali2briver2btubing2btourPhoto taken from https://www.pinterest.com/

Think the white water rafting adventure isn’t enough to satisfy your family’s needs for adrenaline thrills? Try adding the river tubing adventure into your tour itinerary! Bali offers a much more unique and authentic river tubing experience than those in water parks, so expect a rush of adrenaline thrills surrounded by the lush Balinese nature.

Learn how to surf

balisurfing1_in_baliPhoto taken from http://www.inbali.org/

There is simply no better place to surf for the first time in your life than in Bali. With its high tides, warm weather and affordable rates, learning to surf in Bali should be listed down under every adventurous family’s bucket list! Who knows, maybe you might discover your hidden talent right here in Bali after all.

Go on a land ATV Adventure in Bali

atvPhoto taken from https://bloodydirtyboots.wordpress.com/

Had enough of water activities? Fret not, Bali also offers a wide variety of land activities for families of all ages. For families with older kids, there is no better way to get around Bali than by riding an ATV! Get ready to speed through Bali’s villages, plantations, jungles and other off-beaten tracks that is only accessible by a quad bike.

Be a Mahout for a day in Bali Zoo

mahout_for_a_day_11_jnerq4Photo taken from https://www.wego.co.id/

Ever dreamt of becoming mahouts for a day? Now you and your family can fulfil that experience only in Bali Zoo! In this remarkable trip, your family will get the chance to interact with elephants on a whole new level, from bathing, cleaning to even learning basic vocal commands and more!

Tour around Bali with the classic VW

img_96301-1024x682Photo taken from http://media-wok.de/bali-vw-kuebelwagen/

After an exhilarating day filled with fun outdoor activities, every family deserves a day to rewind and relax. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful sights of Balinese countryside through the newly-restored classic VW Kuebelwagens. With the sun-roof down, feel the wind rushing through your face, take some photos of the scenery and enjoy the moment!

Watch Dolphins in Lovina Beach


Before leaving the Island of the Gods, another way to spend a relaxing day with the family is by watching dolphins in their natural habitat through the local boats in Lovina beach. A great ending to a wonderful family trip to Bali!

Create your travel itinerary and tours through Vidi now for a hassle-free travel experience with your loved ones!

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