Checklist for your trip abroad

Every year, a lot of people plan their holidays abroad. While a trip abroad may be the ideal way to relax and rejuvenate, it can become a nightmare if not planned properly! Diligent planning can help you ensure that your holiday is hassle-free and that you can unwind without any worries.

Below is a travel checklist in which international travellers should always check to ensure a smooth vacation

1. To check the travel advice pages for the country you are visiting. Sign up for email alerts to receive the latest happenings of the country


2. It is beneficial to know where the nearest embassy is located- check the website to find out about the services they offer and their opening times.

This would be a big help if you are stuck in an unfortunate event.

embassy-addressPhoto credit

3. Create copies of your passport. Incase if your passport gets stolen or is misplaced you always have a backup ready. It would be wise to have an electronic copy in your email


4. Look at travel assistance services that offer facilities such as medical assistance, travel insurance and lost luggage tracking to safeguard against any unforeseen event when abroad.

Stepping off a plane to discover that your luggage has gone missing is annoying for travellers. Even worse is the feeling of not knowing how long it will take the airline to locate it and return it safely to you. Registering with a baggage tracking solution aims to eliminate that problem—or at least provide some peace of mind in case your luggage goes missing

10311-Leather-Luggage-Tag-MainPhoto credits

5. Research the health risk on the travel health information page before travelling.

In case you have a pre-existing medical condition make sure you carry enough supplies for the duration of your visit as these supplies may not be available in some countries


6. It is imperative that you have got correct visas for the country you are travelling and the passport is valid


7. Inform immediate family and close friends about your travel plans and leave them with your contact details and travel itinerary


8. It is advisable to carry more than one means of payments while travelling (traveller’s cheques, international cards)


9. It is essential for passengers travelling during busy periods, such as the Hari Raya holidays, to be at the airport 3 hours before departure

This is to avoid delays and clear all travel formalities to avoid last-minute panic. It is also advisable to do a web check-in to save time.


And with that, we wish you a safe trip! For a hassle-free trip itinerary, visit Touristly to book activities in advance of your trip now.


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