6 adventurous things you can do in Yogyakarta

When we hear of the city Yogyakarta, we often think of the city’s traditional temples, rich history and warm heritage. But did you know that Yogyakarta, or Jogja for short, has a long list of adventurous activities that can be enjoyed by both young, and young-at-heart travellers?

Here is a list of the adventurous things you can do during your trip in Yogyakarta:

1. Cave Tubing in Goa Pindul

goa pindulPhoto via indonesiaexplores

What’s a more adventurous way to explore the mysterious caves and rivers of Yogyakarta than by tubing? Click here to start your cave tubing adventure with Touristly!

2. Temple chasing during sunrise 

Borobudur-stupa-at-west-sidePhoto via lovethesepics

Waking up during the early hours of dawn may be a torturous activity for some, but when you get a gorgeous sunrise view of Borobudur temple at the end of it, the wake may just be worth it! Plan your sunrise temple adventure through Touristly here for a hassle-free journey!

3. Sand boarding in Yogyakarta’s sand dunes (Gumuk Pasir) 

sanboarding-gumuk-pasirPhoto via jogjasignature

Think you can only go sand boarding through sand dunes in countries like Dubai or Morocco? Think again! Jogja has its own sand dunes, and people from all over the country come here to try their luck on sand boarding or to simply take photogenic pictures.

4. Take panoramic selfies in Kalibiru 

0a1c050991c25e2be241ce593af7e7caphoto via pinterest

5. Ride the adrenaline-filled gondola of Yogyakarta’s Timang Beach 

5819440815_167b4f78b6_bPhoto via flickr

Non faint-hearted people can now try the adrenaline-filled gondola attached to Yogyakarta’s Timang Beach, just remember to ride it at your own risk!

6. Take underwater selfies at Umbul Ponggok

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 18.21.32Photo via Umbul Ponggok

Located at a few hours’ drive from Yogyakarta, Umbul Ponggok offers a very unique attraction for visitors- underwater selfies! The unique thing of this place is that various objects that we use in our daily lives have been strategically placed underwater for visitors take great underwater selfies. So sit back, relax and enjoy the motorbike ride…. underwater style!

7.  Climb the volcanic mountain of Mount Merapi

fdf854c5399e853941037c9832598dedPhoto via emaze

Adventurous travellers visiting Yogyakarta cannot afford to miss this activity of a lifetime- to hike through the active volcano of Mount Merapi. When you book your Mount Merapi tours from Vidi, not only do you get to see the magnificent view of the mountain at its prime, but you also get to experience riding off-beaten tracks by a 4×4 jeep! Click here to book your Mount Merapi tour now.



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