6 ways to stick to your budget in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading financial centres, making it seem like one of the more expensive places to travel in Asia. It is known as a competitive business hub making it an international hotspot for business women and men. If you find itchy tights, slacks, and a constraining blazer to be not quite your style, there is still plenty to do in Hong Kong, especially if you are on a budget!

Check out some of the best tips to save money below:

1. Try Octopus 

hk_mtr_496385405_43379975Photo via spacious.hk

Before you start cringing, give octopus a chance! By far the best and cheapest way to get around Hong Kong is by using the super punctual public transport. Purchase an Octopus card at the beginning of your trip and use it on the MTR, city busses, ferries, and even in some retail stores. Using the card is cheap, convenient and you get a discount on all your transactions. Don’t forget to return your card at the end of your trip get some cash back. 

2. Look at ‘Junk’

3740545478_2aa26d7628_bPhoto via Flickr

That’s right, junk! Venture over to the harbour and get a sumptuous view of the Hong Kong skyline, the bay, mountains, and ‘Junk’. ‘Junk’ is a type of wooden Chinese sailing ship that was originally used as sea vessels in the 2nd century. They have now evolved into recreational vessels of fun. Although these ‘junks’ can be seen as cheap, they make a unique way of transporting around Hong Kong! Click here to start your ‘Junk’ adventure in Hong Kong with Touristly today. 

3. Dim Sum with a “Low Sum” Bill

160325033254-hk-dim-sum-fook-lam-moon-exlarge-169Photo via CNN

All this thriftiness can build up quite an appetite. Luckily, Hong Kong has some of the best Dim Sum in the world, and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Dim Sum is a Chinese breakfast (but can be enjoyed at anytime of day) featuring small plates of goodies ranging from dumplings to cakes to spring rolls. Try this Dim Sum food tour if you enjoy assortment and affordability.

4. See the Symphony of Lights


Go to the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront for the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’. Even better, it’s also the ‘World’s Largest and Cheapest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ at the very affordable price of free! The show plays every night at 8:00pm and brings the Hong Kong skyline to life with laser beams, music, and flashing lights. If you want to save yourself the best seats for the show, try this tour for a gorgeous dinner cruise around the Symphony of Lights. 

5. Walk around SoHo

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.39.30 PM

Walk around the very hip SoHo neighbourhood and feel like you are walking around an outdoor museum of street art. The best part? No entrance fees to this open space museum! If you would like a little more guidance, sign up for this walking tour and learn more about this vibrant neighbourhood.

6. Go on a Helicopter Ride

a3c41f92-3c3f-11e6-8294-3afaa7dcda6c_1280x720Photo via South China Morning Post

Now that you have saved so much money, it’s time to splurge! Why not end your trip with a memorable sightseeing helicopter ride? Click here to book your ride of a lifetime now! 





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