Penang’s ‘knives’ massage

Yes you read it right, Penang now offers massage treatments that involve… well, knives!


The treatment of ‘Knives Massage’, more commonly known as ‘dao liao’, is said to have originated from as far as 2,500 years ago in China. The treatment acts as a traditional remedy to preserve the health benefits of its patients. By transferring positive energy into a person through the ‘conductive steel’ of the knives, practitioners believe that this will lead to a much improved relaxation, better blood circulation, and relief from sore muscles.

So for those suffering from underlying health problems such as stiff shoulders, neck pains, or just stress in general, why not ditch the conventional off-the-shelves pharmacy medicine and try this new ‘Knives Massage’ treatment instead?

With trial prices starting at RM 10/13 minutes of treatment, you can now try Penang’s ‘Knives Massage’ treatment in Occupy Beach Street, a weekly street market available on Sundays from morning to early afternoon, throughout Penang’s Lebuh Pantai road.

Although patients are only given a thin cloth as a cover from the knives, the treatment is in fact safe and beneficial for all to try. So bring along your family members, or better yet, even pets!


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