We heart you South Mumbai!

A place that breathes a million dreams, South Mumbai is a traveler’s paradise. From the intricate British architecture to the liveliness of the city traffic and the crowd that’s so infectious it wraps you with love and joy pumping you to live more, live free.

Here are top five things to do when you travel to South Mumbai:

VT Station

A marvellous glory to the entire city, Victoria Terminus station stands tall like a proud queen in the heart of town. The brilliant architecture leaves you breathless as you seek to see its intricacies embedded carefully in bricks and stones.

CST station- formally known as Victoria Terminus

Don’t miss the clock that never stops placed monumentally on top of the station that dominates a zillion lives every day. That in itself is striking enough to knock you off your shoes. It signifies the throbbing crowds that take the train to and fro to get to work and back. If you happen to visit VT station in the evening you will witness the captivating lights that shine the entire station to glory.

Marine Drive

A visit to Marine Drive is a must if you visit South Mumbai. It’s also known as the Queen’s necklace because a half circle of a promenade covers the entire Arabian Sea beyond which is lit up with Art deco buildings that rival Miami!


A view of the city from Marine Drive will blow your mind. All you have to do is sit on the ledge of the promenade with feet dangling and with immense pleasure drink in the smell of the sea and feel the relaxing waves of the water that wash away all your worries and amplify your mood.

Crawford Market

The next on the list is Crawford Market. You can’t come to South Mumbai and not go the world famous market that caters to throngs of shoppers every day. Check out the gothic architecture of the remarkable building with stained glass windows.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule formally known as Crawford Market!

Famous for its imported food ingredients and local bazaar, you’ll find everything you need here from home décor to kitchen amenities to even cosmetics. You’ll find people from far away suburbs bargaining with the local vendors and if you feel overwhelmed with the crowd there, don’t worry; just take it all in because somehow the crowd just envelopes you in a feeling of warmth of being one of them.


Then comes the most vibrant street in South Mumbai – Colaba Causeway!! Oh! The ecstasy of being on this street lined with stylish clothes, shoes and ethnic jewellery is something you can’t miss. Colaba causeway’s got everything you need to enjoy your Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Colaba Causeway- Street shopping

Walk the street filled with tourists and locals and then hang at the famous Leopold café for some chilled beers and ensuing conversations. Causeway has many more awesome restaurants from which some of them are even rooftop restaurants like Harbor view. You will see the entire Gateway of India from this rooftop. While you’re there do indulge in the decadent brownies from Theobroma. All in all it’s a fantastic place to feel the vibe of the city.

Malabar Hill

The last but not the least is Hanging Garden at Malabar Hill. Perched on top of Malabar Hill, it provides amazing sunset views of the entire city. It’s a place you can use to run in the morning and even have a small picnic at the garden.


While you’re there you can take long walks in the wealthiest locality of Mumbai. It still has some bungalows to go down in the history of tourism. It gives you a complete feel of how the influential live Mumbai.

As such there are so many more things you can do in South Mumbai but the listed ones are the most choicest picks from a person born and bought up here and all I can say is that if you’re travelling to India, your first stop should be town!

Traveling makes you smarter.

The article has been authored by Maya Jumana Mahableshwarwala.

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