Top 10 Experiences You Should Not Miss In Japan

Sushi Making Class


Being one of the more well-known and well-enjoyed Japanese food for the past decades, enjoying Sushi is a must to anyone that is travelling to Japan. But why eat when you can learn how to make your own Sushi? With this half-day Sushi making lesson, visitors are given the chance to learn how to create their own delicate Sushi pieces with the guidance of a professional chef. That way, you are able to taste a slice of Japan no matter where you are.

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Japanese Food Replica Workshop 


No matter how inedible these food replicas may be, they will never stop you from feeling hungry still! Food replicas are mostly used by restaurants in Japan and all over the world to showcase their menus in the most appetising way possible, which makes no surprise that the food replica business is in fact booming in Japan. Go for this Japanese Food Replica workshop and learn to make your own delicious Japanese delicacy that will never expire!

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Sumo Demonstration 


Another experience that is uniquely Japanese and cannot be found in any other parts of the world is the sport of Sumo. Sumo is a form of wrestling with deep origins to the Japanese legend and history. In this Sumo Demonstration experience, visitors will be able to gain a deeper insight into the fascinating world of Sumo. Some of the most memorable part of this experience is the chance to try the nutritional dish of Chako Nabe that is a common diet for Sumo wrestlers, and even testing your own strength by wrestling against a real former Sumo wrestler!

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Ninja Experience

ninja-2007576_1920 (1)

Often being portrayed as mysterious beings covered in dark outfits, with the mastery of handling star-shaped weapons known as Shuriken and disappearing into the fog, Ninjas were in fact a covert agent in feudal Japan. In this Ninja Experience Tour, visitors will be able to have a hands-on experience on what it feels like to be a Ninja for a day, even donning the famous Ninja outfits!

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Samurai Experience

japan-70707_1280 (1)

Think the Ninja experience is not enough for you? Try the Samurai Experience as well!

The Samurais were once the warriors of premodern Japan, and have been well-praised for their self-discipline, obedience, skill, honour and bravery. This Samurai experience will allow visitors to step inside the shoes of a Samurai for a day, where they will have the chance to be trained in the arts of Japanese Samurai and even engage themselves in a Samurai-inspired rescue mission!

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Go to an Animal-Themed Cafe… like the Owl Cafe!

People Appreciate Exotic Birds At Bird Cafe In Tokyo

While there is indeed a growing popularity with animal-themed cafes and restaurants all over the world, the most unique ones are still located in Japan nonetheless. In this remarkable dining experience, visitors will be able to enjoy their food and have close encounters with owls at the same time! Visitors will stand the chance to experience touching an owl and having them rest on their arms. Plus, there is also an opportunity for visitors to get a photo of them and their favourite owl laminated or even turned into a postcard!

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Go on a Robot Cabaret Show


I know what you’re thinking here… wait, Robot Cabaret Show? Are you for real?

Yes we are, and we are sure that it will be one of the most unforgettable dinner experiences that you will have in your life! Colourful lights, robots and entertaining music, how can you miss this during your trip to Japan? Click here to find out more.

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Drink a Sake


Feeling cheeky? Then this might just be the perfect Japanese experience for you to try.

With history and process stretching back to thousands of years ago, Sake is a rice wine alcoholic beverage with a special process that is unique to Japan. This Sake-tasting experience in Tokyo will allow visitors to learn how the famous Japanese beverage is made, and savour through 100 different types of Sake to find which is the most suitable to different individuals’ drinking preferences!

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Watch an authentic Geisha performance and try the Kimono


Known for their porcelain-painted faces, scarlet red lips, exquisite kimono and hair-do, the Geishas are the true Japanese icon of elegance and etiquette. The Geisha profession is one of the oldest in Japan, and has dated to nearly 400 years ago.

Because Geishas are entertainers to some of the most noble and powerful people of Japan, a sighting of authentic Geishas are extremely rare and comes with a price. This is why an encounter with Geisha has been ranked as the no.1 once-in-a-lifetime Japanese experience to most people. With this experience, visitors will not only have the chance to enjoy multi-course kaisake dinner dressed in kimonos, but also witness authentic Geisha performance and entertainment.

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Experience a Japanese Tea Ceremony


After all the hustle and bustle most Japanese metropolitan cities will make you feel, its always ideal to have a relaxing cup of tea. End your Japan trip by attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, a customary practice that dates back to the Azuchi-Mayoyama period. The tea ceremony will be performed by a professional tea master, and visitors will have the chance to learn about this century-old practice and take a sip from a delicious cup of matcha green tea.

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