Top 3 festivals in Asia to see in November

Loi Krathong, Thailand 


The beautiful festival of Loi Krathong takes place annually on the evening of the full moon of the 12 month (November) in the northern parts of Thailand. Derived from the words ‘Loi’ meaning to float and ‘Krathong’ which is the item floated down the river, the festival is accompanied by the release of offerings into the river to pay homage to the water spirits, as well as the release of sky lanterns to wish for good blessings. A festival not to be missed in Thailand, the best location to witness Loi Krathong live is in Chiang Mai.

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Pintaflores Festival, Philippines

Image via Calendar of Events Guide

The Pintaflores Festival is held annually in the beautiful city of San Carlos, Philippines. Initially originated from the legend of a Princess who fell sick in the said land, locals then planted flowers to help heal the sick Princess. Upon knowing that the land was not fertile enough for flowers, local women eventually resorted to tattooing their bodies with flowers instead. Today, the Pintaflores festival is held to commemorate the following events. Derived from the words ‘Pinta’ (tattoos) and ‘Flores’ (flowers), the festival is celebrated through the fusion of arts and culture, and something which should not be missed in the Philippines!

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Bon Om Touk, Cambodia 

Image via Stowaway Magazine

Bon Om Touk has been widely known as the Cambodian water festival. The festival is celebrated annually in November to commemorate the end of the country’s rainy season, during which many locals would travel to the country’s capital of Phnom Penh to witness the big boat races held in lieu of the festival, as well as many other attractions including fireworks and food festival. A great chance to explore Phnom Penh and its wonderful culture!

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