Thailand Songkran Guide 2019

What is Songkran?

Songkran is one of Thailand’s biggest yearly festivals! Taking place in the month of April (with the dates altering yearly), Songkran marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. And how exactly do the Thai celebrate Songkran? By having a big water fight all around Thailand! It is exactly as fun as it sounds. Interested to join Songkran this year? Read ahead for the exact dates, best places to celebrate Songkran, do’s and don’ts!

When is Songkran 2019?

13 April (Saturday) to 15 April (Monday)

Best places to celebrate Songkran in Thailand

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Image taken from

Patong Beach, Phuket

Image taken from

Chiang Mai

Image taken from


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Koh Samui

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Songkran


  • Do leave your valuables at home!
  • If you really need to bring essential valuables (like your phone and some cash), make sure to store them in a well-kept waterproof bag to ensure their safety.
  • Do wear clothes and shoes that you wouldn’t mind getting wet/dirt on.
  • Do bring a waterproof camera if you have one! After all, the Songkran water festival is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will surely be cherished long after your trip ends.
  • Do have fun!


  • Don’t complain when you’re getting splashed by water or white powder on your face! We’ve mentioned it big and clear before that Songkran is a BIG water fight on the streets of Thailand. So expect to get wet, splashed and powdered! And if you don’t plan on partying, then we highly suggest you avoid the big roads and get on a covered vehicle to avoid getting wet.
  • Don’t get too rowdy in the water fight. A drink or two might help you get in the festive mood, but doing Songkran whilst tipsy is not recommended.
  • Don’t use banned equipments! Keep it fun and safe by using plastic water guns or buckets to splash at strangers.
  • Don’t powder strangers! To avoid indecent touching, a smear on the cheek is highly recommended.

As the Songkran festival lasts for a few days, it’s also a good opportunity to explore many different parts of Thailand! For fun activities to do in Thailand, check vidi!

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