5 Outdoor activities for the adrenaline junkie in Auckland, New Zealand

Are you a bit of an outdoor enthusiast who loves nothing more than the sheer excitement of having adrenaline rush through your veins? New Zealand would be the place for you! Here are some incredible activities that you could send your heart pumping in Middle Earth:


Bungee Jumping

Take in all of the view from the Auckland Harbour Bridge on this 40-metre bungee jump from a suspended pod built over the Waitatama Harbour! Not for the faint of heart but definitely for the adventure seeker!

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Zip lining

Take a boat over to the famous Waiheke Island and zip line past treetops, above lush vineyards, valleys and stunning forests. Consisting of three 200-metre zip lines, this activity is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Want a bit of that adrenaline rush without jumping off anything? Sky walking might just be the thing for you! Take a heart pumping stroll 192-metres off the ground on the Sky Tower in Auckland. Hailed as one of the best urban adventures in the area, you’ll be awestruck by the amazing 360-degree view

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Sky diving

Fancy experiencing the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand’s North Island at 16,500ft? Freefall for 75 seconds at a speed of 200km/hr over Parakai, not far from Auckland city. A must do once in your life, this activity is certain to leave you wanting more!

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Want more out of an adventure? This caving activity in the Waitomo Caves just might be for you! Take part in black water rafting in an underground river followed by abseiling. Also, go on a cave glow worm tour that is bound to leave you in awe.

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16 Must eat desserts for the travelling Sweet Tooth in Asia Pacific

For the travelling foodie, street food is all the rage but nothing quite hits the spot like that little sweet something needed at the end of a meal. Here are some sweets for the dessert hunter around Asia Pacific:

Vietnam – Chè chuối

vietnamese dessert must eat in asia

A traditional dessert found around Vietnam, this pudding is made out of banana, tapioca, and coconut milk, best eaten when warm.

Malaysia – Nyonya Kuih

nyonya kuih must eat dessert Malaysia Asia

Bite-sized desserts or tea cakes made with sticky rice, rice flour, palm sugar, coconut milk and more, there is a variety of them that range from the sweet to the slightly savoury.

Laos – Khao Thom Mad

khao tom mad laos dessert asia must eat

Easily found on the streets, this steamed sweet sticky rice dessert is filled with mung bean and banana and wrapped in banana leaves, making it vegetarian-friendly.

Cambodia – Num Sang Khya L’peow

num sang kya l'peow cambodia dessert must eat asia

A delicious custard dessert, a pumpkin is hollowed out and then filled with a sweet milky liquid made with coconut milk, palm sugar, eggs, and then steamed.

The Philippines – Halo Halo

halo halo philippines dessert must eat asia

This is a popular shaved iced dessert in The Philippines consisting of jellies, evaporated milk, fruits and boiled sweets, perfect for a hot day!

Indonesia – Kek Lapis


Indonesian layer cake, or Spekuk is a labour intensive but delicious spiced cake of Dutch influence that is popular as a gift when visiting friends.

Japan – Daifuku

daifuku japan dessert must eat asia

Daifuku, which actually means ‘great luck’ is a Japanese sweet sticky rice cake with fillings. There is a myriad of different fillings that can be found, from green tea to ice cream!

Korea – Yakgwa


This confection is a sweet biscuit or cookie made with wheat flour, sesame oil and honey. In the olden times, it was considered as medicine as it contains honey which was known for its health benefits.

Taiwan – Snow Ice

snow ice taiwan dessert must eat asia

A world renown dessert, Snow Ice is sweetened ice, sometimes frozen with milk that is shaved and served with toppings, sweet sauces and fruits.

Macau – Portuguese Egg Tart

macau Portuguese egg tart dessert must eat asia

Sweet egg custard encased in a flaky pastry. How not to love? These little treats are a must eat, especially warm when in Macau.

Hong Kong – Mango Pudding

mango pudding hong kong dessert must eat asia

Perhaps the world’s favourite fruit, mango pudding is a smooth pudding made with milk and fresh mangoes, often served with fresh fruit topping.

India – Palkova

palkova india dessert sweets

A sweet treat, Palkova is a candy made  by draining the water out of milk and forming the solids into bite sized pieces.

Australia – Pavlova


A meringue dessert, crisp and airy on the outside, and topped with whipped cream and fruits. It is usually served during occasions and holidays especially during summer.

New Zealand  – Afghan Biscuits

afghan cookies new zealand dessert must eat

Afghan cookies or just Afghans have nothing to do with being from Afghanistan as the name may suggest. These cookies are baked with cornflakes, coated with chocolate and then topped with a walnut.

Singapore – Ice Cream Sandwich

singapore ice cream sandwich dessert must eat Asia

A staple found everywhere on the streets in Singapore. This dessert is basically ice cream on a slice of bread topped with condiments. A must have on a hot day out and about the city!

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Beautiful places to visit in New Zealand

new zealand

New Zealand is not all just greeneries and cow farms, there are many beautiful sceneries for one to enjoy. Here is a guide on beautiful places to visit when you are in New Zealand 🙂

A meal with a view to die for – So where on earth is this?

Bobs Peak

What makes a restaurant stand out? Great tasting food of course but what makes a meal truly memorable is the overall experience you get from the moment you enter the building right down to the last bite. The Skyline Cafe at Bob’s Peak, Queenstown offers not only great tasting food it also has a view to die for. To read more about Bob’s Peak click here.