Best theme parks to visit this school holidays

School holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to plan that long-awaited family vacation, but where to? The challenge is always to find an activity that the whole family can enjoy. The solution? Theme parks of course! Parents can let their inner child run free and kids … well it goes without saying that kids love theme parks. Cotton candy, balloons, exciting rides, fun and laughter at every turn, here’s our top picks for the best theme parks to visit:

Relive those nostalgic childhood memories at Disneyland


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No childhood is complete without a dash of Disney magic and what better way to experience the magic than at Disneyland! Deemed as the happiest place on earth, magical kingdoms and storybook fairy tales await you and your family at Disneyland. Lucky for us in Southeast Asia we’ve got not one but TWO Disneyland theme parks for our choosing; Hong Kong Disneyland & Tokyo Disneyland (psst … find out how you can get 30% Tokyo Disneyland tickets here).

Ride the movies at Universal Studios Singapore


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Calling all movie buffs! This is the place to be to get your dose of action and adventure. Here’s your chance to relieve your scenes from your favourite movies such as The Mummy, Transformers, Madagascar, Shrek and many more! So, what are you waiting for get your day pass to Universal Studios Singapore now.

Get wet and wild at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park


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Fun for the whole family, experience the wonders of over 90 rides and attractions spread across Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park and Wildlife Park. Get those floaties, make sure you pack some sunblock, don’t forget those goggles, and get ready for a splashing good time at Sunway Lagoon!

Let’s go to Everland!


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This is the 7th largest theme park in the world; there’s a water park, theme park and even a zoo! Everland’s versatility will makes it the perfect theme park destination for the whole family. This massive theme park features five themed zones: Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure.

Thanks for reading and if you’re planning a family trip this school holidays here’s a little something to get you started.
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7 things you must have in your hand carry luggage for your flight


Hand carry luggage space is precious as most airlines cap it somewhere between 7-8 KG (15-17lbs) and you should make the best of it, especially for long distance flights, long layovers and just in case you have an emergency. In the event of any of the mentioned, the last thing you want is to be grumbling at yourself at a lack of preparation so here it is: the seven things you must have in your hand carry:

1. Baby Wipes


Both for the toddler and the adult who can’t seem to keep food off his shirt, baby wipes can be a life saver. Use it to save yourself a trip to the bathroom to wash your hands when you’re stuck in the window seat or to wipe down armrests and table trays which are reported to be amongst the dirtiest things on an airplane.

2. Dry snacks


One of the most important things you can bring, dry snacks such as a protein bar, a small bag of trail mix or the chocolate bar can be a real life saver in situations when you are stuck in boarding gates or small airports with no access to cafes or restaurants. Just throw one or two rations in your hand carry and you will not need to worry about the potential tummy rumbling that may come from unexpected situations. This is especially important if you are travelling with kids.

3. Scarf


As important as a towel in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the scarf is the multipurpose must have in your hand carry. Use it as a blanket, roll it to be used as a pillow or wrap it around your head when you are experiencing bed head after that long nap. One piece of cloth, many uses and you will be glad to have this one item with you, may it be in the terminal or during your flight.

4. Pen


So you’ve gotten off the plane and now you have to fill in your immigration card and you’re left without a pen. The queues are filling fast and much to the resentment of a pen owner, you sheepishly ask if you can loan his/her pen. Don’t be that person! Bring your own pen, which will be much needed for instances like these. For good measure, bring along a notebook just in case you need to jot down something important.

5. A change of clothes


For emergencies like delayed flights or missing check-in luggage, a clean change of clothes can be like that breath of fresh air you need after hours of sitting in the same clothes so do yourself a favour and pack everything from trousers, a top to the much needed clean underwear that you will need. Your mum will be so proud!

6. Toiletry kit


Not exactly something you would need to worry about if you are travelling business or first class but for those in economy class or budget, it is almost imperative to have a toiletry kit with you. It gives you the chance to freshen up, wash you face, touch up that make up, brush your teeth, spritz a little cologne or perfume lest you come out of the plane looking like a hot mess. Just make sure you have the essentials like dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, moisturiser, body spray, and for the ladies, basic makeup items.

7. Phone charger


An absolute essential in today’s world, make sure you have your cable charger with you in your hand carry as many planes nowadays offer USB ports at your seat and sometimes a book or in-flight entertainment just does not cut it. For even better measure, purchasing an additional cable and keeping it in your hand carry as a backup for emergency situations is not exactly a bad idea.

Curate your holiday, stress-free:

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How to avoid getting hacked while travelling

Gone are the days when the last thing a person would think of packing was a charger. Nowadays, it is considered a norm to bring along all, if not most of your electronics with you, especially for the remote worker.

One of the last things you would want while on the road is getting locked out of your device, or finding that your accounts have been compromised. To avoid that from happening, here are a few measures you can take to keep yourself from getting hacked while on holiday.

1. Fully update software on your devices before travelling

Many people overlook the importance of updating operation systems, anti-malware, security, and anti-virus software always leaving it for later. Updates patch up ‘holes’ in your software that could potentially leave your device vulnerable to hacking. For greater measure, make sure you update your software on a regular basis.

2. Change passwords before travelling

One thing that could possibly put a damper on your holiday is finding out that you have lost access to your accounts. To reduce the chances of that happening, change all your passwords before hitting the road. Make sure that you use strong passwords with upper and lower case, numbers and symbols.

3. Be wary with public WiFi

One of the worst things you can assume is that the WiFi in a building is safe because it is named after the establishment. Hackers are able to create a fake hot spot, potentially enabling them to obtain your data and passwords should you connect to their network. Using mobile data from a SIM card may be a better option should you require to access the internet.

4. Activate device encryption when you are travelling

Encryption scrambles the information that you store, rendering it useless to a certain party unless you have a ‘key’ to unscramble the information. You can download a third-party encryption tool if your device does not come with one.

5. Use incognito/private browsers when using a public computer

Web browsers have the knack of keeping a history of your visited web pages, downloads, and the lot and if you don’t want others knowing what you are up to, use Incognito mode on Google Chrome or a private window/browser which will clear all your cookies and cache once you are done.

6. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tool on your devices

A VPN tool will send your information through a discreet tunnel, encrypting it along the way, making it a secure connection as it allows you access a private network through public networks, making it harder for hackers to obtain your information.

7. Password protect your smartphone

This may be a bit of a hassle but it is better to be safe than sorry. The harder it is for people to access your smartphone, the better it is for you when it comes to keeping your information safe.

Curate your holiday, stress-free:

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Explore Singapore on the cheap

Dubbed the most expensive city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), ahead of Hong Kong, Zurich, Geneva and Paris, Singapore is not exactly favourable for the traveller on a shoestring budget but when there is a will, there is a way and if it’s exploring Singapore on the cheap you want, these are wallet-friendly ways you can have your cake and eat it too.

Stay in guesthouses instead of hotels


Hotels and boutique hotels can be a little on the steep side when staying in Singapore but if you do a little browsing, you may be surprised with the really decent guesthouses scattered around the Island city. If dorms aren’t your thing, you could always opt for guesthouses with private rooms. These places can range from below SGD20 to SGD150 a night, depending on your preferred accommodation.

Carry a reusable water bottle

Purchasing drinks while on holiday can be a real wallet-killer as many are not aware of how much they are spending to keep hydrated. In Singapore, tap water is safe for drinking based on the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Save money by carrying around a reusable (or even better, a collapsible) water bottle and fill up whenever you come across a tap!

Eat in hawker and Mamak stalls instead of cafes & restaurants

Eating at cafes and restaurants in Singapore can be a little on the pricey side and you do not necessarily compromise on food quality if settling for something cheaper. Hawker and Mamak stalls are strewn all over and you are bound to come across them and you can get a pretty decent meal for as little as SGD5! Food hygiene standards in Singapore are generally high and you wouldn’t need to worry too much about food poisoning while diving into a bowl of laksa!

Get an EZ-Link Singapore Tourist Pass for commute

The best thing for the roving traveller, the EZ-Link Tourist Pass gives you unlimited access to the train system and public bus service all over Singapore, for 1-3 days, using as little as SGD6.70 a day (a ride can cost between SGD.070 to SGD3.00). This also means that you can eliminate time lining up to purchase your tickets and you will also get a refund if you return the card within 5 days.

Buy your souvenirs from Little India & Chinatown

Singapore is full of quirky and kitschy souvenirs but bear in mind that they can be a little heavy on the wallet. To still be able to go on holiday and bring back trinkets for your friends back home, head over to places such as Little India and Chinatown, where you can sometimes purchase items at wholesale prices.

Look for free activities

Contrary to popular belief, having fun in Singapore does not necessarily entail dubious amounts of spending and if you want  to see the city from different angles, you can head over to the Southern Ridges for a scenic walk, or relax in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. If you need a little bit more inspiration, head over to this link for a long list of things you can do in Singapore for free!

Curate your holiday, stress-free:

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How to use Touristly to become your own travel agent

In this modern day and age the internet has nestled its way into our daily routines. We use it to stay connected with our friends and family, to keep ourselves updated with the goings-on of the world and we use the internet as a tool to help plan for our travels. You can find great deals for flights and accommodation online but what about activities? Would-be travellers spend hours searching the Internet for the best things to do and then hours more trying to book them. Here’s where Touristly comes into play – a one stop platform to plan and book amazing travel itineraries for your next holiday. Here’s how it works:

#1. Planning your trip

Multiple tabs on your internet browser opened at once, reading through various articles and websites for information, punching numbers into your calculator; you know normal things when it comes to planning a holiday. What if we told you that now there’s a simpler way to do this? Touristly is an easy-to-use trip planning platform that allows travelers to plan and book holidays in just minutes.

The process is simple – one simply has to sign up as a member on Touristly and start the process by clicking ‘Create A Trip’. First you will have to choose the destination you would like to travel to.

Once you have done that, you will be taken to the trip itinerary creator where you will also see a map featuring the location you’ve selected.

Travelers can then browse through a wide range of curated activities and experiences and add them into their itinerary.

Once done, all you need to do is hit ‘Checkout’ to book the entire itinerary in one click.

#2. Personalize your in own travel itinerary

How to use Touristly to become your own travel agent - Planning your holiday 2

A vacation is supposed to be filled with relaxation, wonder and amazement. Exploring a foreign country is a given when you are on a vacation but it can be rather hectic if you are following a large tour group. Now you can plan and personalize your travel itinerary on your own time. Touristly’s central feature is a trip planner that allow you to plan their holiday with their very own trip itinerary by taking advantage of the thousands of curated experiences available on the platform. In a way it’s like your being you’re own personal travel agent and by creating unique itineraries that can book with just a click of a button.

#3. Attractions, restaurants, spas and tours

How to use Touristly to become your own travel agent - restaurant spas attractions tours

It’s always exciting visiting a foreign country but the fact remains that no matter where you are in the world you will always be faced with the same conundrum – where to eat? This proves more so especially when you are on vacation. Now not only can you discover the best things (activities, spas and tours) to do in Asia, you can also find the best restaurants and eateries around the region too. Touristly curates and features content based on ratings from review sites such as Tripadvisor and others alike.

#4. Need some inspiration?

How to use Touristly to become your own travel agent - Travel Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when it comes to planning a holiday. Lazing on a beach sounds superb but you can’t be doing that during your entire trip, especially if it’s a week long holiday.

On Touristly you can view travel itineraries from other travelers around the world to get your creative juices flowing. See what other travelers plan to do on their holiday and maybe it can help you decide what to do on yours.

Who knew planning a holiday can be that easy! So what are you waiting for log onto Touristly and start planning your next holiday and get some travel inspiration while you’re at it 😉

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10 Korean Gems Every Traveler Should Not Miss Out On

10 Reasons To Visit Korea


South Korea is so much more than just head bopping K-Pop music and tear-jerking drama series. The Korean Peninsula offers travellers are wide range of scenic and dazzling experiences. Step into a world of breath-taking natural wonders, shutter-bug worthy scenic landscapes and historically beautiful traditional architecture when you visit Korea. So if you’re contemplating a trip to South Korea maybe these top 10 Korean gems will help sway your decision:

#1 Kyeong-Wha Station, Jinhae

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Kyeong-Wha Station, Jinhae

This place looks like it same straight out from a romantic movie, Kyeong-Wha Station offers a breath-taking scenery that pulls in shutter bugs and tourist from all over the world. The sight of the train approaching the station underneath a blanket of blooming cherry blossoms is an event not to be missed when you’re visiting South Korea. It’s also a great place to snap (a lot of) photos, don’t worry if you’re not a professional photographer, it is extremely beautiful here and you’re sure to get a great shot from any angle.

#2 Uleung Island Seaside Road

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Uleung Island Seaside Road

This pentagon-shaped island is a ferry ride away from Pohong. Uleung Island is a result of a series of volcanic eruptions and there are more cliffs than level ground here. But the view from Seonginbong Peak (the highest peak on the island) is well worth the trip. During the winter, the island is covered in a silky white blanket of snow. Shutter bugs get your cameras (or camera phones) ready, there are a lot of photos to be taken here.

#3 Seopjikoji, Jeju Island

10 Reasons To Visit Korea- Seopjikoji Jeju Island

The perfect Spring getaway in Korea can be found in Seopjikoji at Jeju Island. This place is famous for its beautiful rape flowers; yeah you read right, rape flowers. The name of the flower might be a little vulgar but rape flower is dainty and yellow in color, anything but vulgar. Seopjikoji is the best place to enjoy a breath-taking view of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (it is uniquely shapes like an elephant head). This scenic location is no stranger to the silver screen, films like The Uprising, One Thousand and One Night, Gingko Bed and many more.

#4 Juknokwon

10 Reasons To Visit Korea -Juknokwon, Damyang

This magical bamboo forest is cultivated by the town of Damyang. Juknokwon Bamboo Garden features a gorgeous waterfall, scenic walking paths, pavilion and an eco-exhibition center. A popular destination amongst travellers, it takes about 1 hour or so to walk around the entire garden. The park is also accessible during the evening; lights are turned on in the bamboo forest for night walks.

#5 Yeojwa Stream

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Yeojwa Stream

This is one of the most famous spots to view cherry blossoms in South Korea. The Yeojwacheon Stream is also famous for its cameo in the popular MBC TV Series ‘Romance’, if you are a hard core K-Drama fan you’ll know what we’re talking about. The best time to visit Yeojwacheon Stream is in April this is when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, a sight not to be missed.

#6 Bulguksa Temple

10 Reasons To Visit Korea- Bulguksa Temple

In 1995 Bulguksa Temple was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO. This temple is riddled with artistic stone relics and intricately carved designs that are known worldwide. A perfect example of traditional Korea, the temple is home to 8th-century Unified Silla architecture. There’s also an 18-step stone staircase to the west leads to Anyangmun (Pure Land Gate), it is said that the stairs can only be used by those who have reached enlightenment.

#7 Kwanghan Pavilion

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Kwanghan Pavilion

Kwanghan Pavilion is more than just a beautiful piece of architecture; it is also the setting of one Korea’s famous folk tales, Chunhyangjeon. It’s a tale of romance between a Korean Geisha and the son of a local governor who met and fell in love at this beautiful pavilion. So not only is Kwanghan Pavilion breathtakingly beautiful it has a lovely sentiment behind its history too.

#8 Halla Mountain

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Halla Mountain

Quite possibly the most memorable landmark on Jeju Island, Halla Mountain sits triumphantly from the centre of the island. Halla Mountain is well-known for its ecosystem of plants that results from the varying temperatures along the mountainside. The mountain is relatively easy to hike, there are well develop mountain hiking trails making it easy for hikers to discover and explore the mountain’s treasure.

#9 Suncheon Bay

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Suncheon Bay

This is a sight that you won’t expect to get in Korea, Suncheon Bay is located on the south of Korea and Suncheon is the third largest city in the Jeollanamdo province. The bay is enveloped by 40 kilometres of coastline and is one of the world’s well preserved coastal marshes home to countless marine life.This coastal wetland is a heaven for shutterbugs; the beautiful scenery surrounding the bay is simply breath-taking and is also one of the best places in Korea to watch a sunset.

#10 Samkwang Temple

10 Reasons To Visit Korea - Samkwang Temple

Every year during Buddha’s Birthday, Samgwang Temple is light up with a countless lotus lanterns creating a blanket of twinkling lights much to the delight of people who are visiting the temple. The colourful lanterns create a vibrant and jovial atmosphere throughout the temple. Now this is one birthday celebration you won’t want to miss out on.

So there you have it, Korea’s top 10 must-see gems. For more Korean travel-inspiration click here to check out some of the travel itineraries for Korea personally designed my our Touristly members. Enjoy your trip to Korea, jagbyeol insa!

Touristly is now live! Check out four amazing trips our members have created.


Planning a holiday can be an exciting experience if you have the right tools and information. We have great news for all aspiring travelers because Touristly is now live in Beta. Check out our trip planner that is designed to make travel planning a whole lot easier. Now travelers can discover the best experiences in destinations all over world on one convenient platform. Travelers can then add these experiences into their travel itinerary in minutes.

It’s as simple as that!

You won’t have to browse through dozens of review sites and spend hours jotting down the best activities. Our goal is to make the travel planning process easy and fun so you can have an unforgettable holiday. We’ve already rolled out a list of amazing experiences in 28 different destinations across the region and we’ll be adding more in the coming months.

Need some travel inspiration? Check out some of the trips already planned on Touristly below. Pssst … You can even copy these trips for your own holiday!

6D5N Hong Kong 

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a unique travel destination with a versatile blend of cultures, tantalizing culinary delights and a mixture of modern and traditional architecture. This itinerary is a little unconventional but if you think about it, it is a pretty nice way to enjoy Hong Kong. The first half of the trip is spent visiting all of the must-see places in Hong Kong, the second half is left for some leisure sight-seeing.

Day 1: Visit to the Peak followed by a Dim Sum Tour
Day 2: Let your inner child run free at Hong Kong Disneyland
Day 3: Get up close and personal with exciting marine like at Ocean World
Day 4: Visit famous landmarks such as Big Buddha Statue, Star Ferry Pier and Lantau Island
Day 5-6: Leisure sight-seeing

Check out the full itinerary here:

3D2N Singapore 


This travel itinerary to the Singapore a.k.a The Lion City. Magnificent skyscrapers, modern infrastructure and countless shopping opportunities it is no wonder why Singapore is a favorite amongst travelers from all over the world. This traveler decided to start off the trip with some local delicacies which is never a bad idea.

Day 1: Chinatown Adventure Food Tour
Day 2: A visit to the world class Singapore Zoo followed by a tour of the city
Day 3: Visit to Gardens by the Bay

Check out the full itinerary here:

Muddy Confluence 

kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia. The mixture of cultures and traditions is fascinating, and not to mention the food. This itinerary starts off with a delicious food tour and a tour of one of Kuala Lumpur’s pristine countryside. Here’s more:

Day 1: Eat your way through the streets of Kuala Lumpur on the ‘Off the Eaten Track’ Food Tour
Day 2: Embark on a private tour of Cameron Highlands and enjoy the cool-fresh air
Day 3: Take a Night Tour of Putrajaya, The World’s First Intelligent Garden City followed by a relaxing foot massage courtesy of Footloose At Home Spa
Day 4: Get wet and wild at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Check out the full itinerary here:



Bangkok is a vibrant city; a melting pot of culture, cuisine, traditions and religion. This itinerary kicks off with an authentic Thai cookery course a tantalizing way to get to know the Thai culture – through its cuisine. Here’s more:

Day 1: A day of cooking – Thai Cookery Course
Day 2: Embark on a tour of River Kwai and Kanchanaburi
Day 3: Discover Bangkok’s Chinatown under the evening sky on a Bangkok Chinatown Food Discovery Tour
Day 4: Spend the morning at Damnernsaduak Floating Market

Check out the full itinerary here:

So there you have it, some of the trips already created on Touristly. Want to see more or even create your own trips visit today. Happy travelling 😉 

5 tips to help you save up for your next holiday

It’s the beginning of a new year, time to start planning your next travel adventure. Maybe this year will be the year you’ll finally go backpacking through Europe or soak up the sun on a tropical island. Whatever it is, no holiday is possible without … yea you guessed it, MONEY. Here are 5 useful tips to help you save for your next holiday:

Research, research, research

Before anything else, do your homework. Get on the internet to find out more about your travel destination; how to get there, what to do, which restaurant to eat at, where to visit etc. By doing this you can roughly estimate how much you will need to spend on your trip.

Determine a budget

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - budget (2)

From the research you have done, roughly come up with an overall budget for your entire trip. You can even go a step further by breaking the budget up into sub-categories such as; transportation, accommodation, food etc.

Set up a savings account for travel

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - budget

Planning a holiday is just half the battle, the other half, saving up for it. So to make your travel dream come true, set up a savings account dedicated to your travel needs. Now this is something you can do even if you do not have any up and coming travel plans, it’s always good to be well-prepared.

Commit to your travel savings account

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - dedication

Saving up for a trip can sometimes prove to be challenging, this is where discipline comes into play. Once you’ve set up a savings account, it’s time to commit to it. Set aside a small amount every month to put into your travel savings account or (if you lack the will power) you can even go a step further by setting up an S.I (standing instruction) to auto transfer the money every month.

Start cooking your own meals

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - home cooking

Let’s face it; we spend a huge chunk of our monthly salary (aside from paying the bills) on eating out. So to help save for your holiday, it’s time to start cooking your own meals. Not only does it help save money it’s also a great way to start eating healthy which will in turn help you get in shape and looking great during your tropical beach retreat.

Can you imagine yourself on your dream holiday now? 😉

5 useful tips to save for your holiday - dream holiday

How to be a more savvy traveller

savy traveller

It is always better to do some research before travelling, usually you would do some homework about the destination you are heading to which is not wrong but that is not the only thing you should look up. Simple things such as packing your luggage, shampoo bottle sizes, charging your mobile phone and so on should not be overlooked. Here are 19 tips to help make you a more savvy traveller for your next vacation!

When in Taiwan … do as the Taiwanese do


When you’re planning a trip, the most popular places to visit may not be the best, especially during peak season; it’ll be crowded and the wait will just put a damper on  the whole trip. Sometimes the best way to enjoy a country is to do what the locals do, with that said, if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan anytime soon here are 12 Things To Do in Taiwan that most tourist don’t know about.