The 5 people you meet while travelling


Travelling just wouldn’t be the same without these colourful characters. The beauty of embarking on a sojourn is that you never really know what to expect. From the food you’ll eat, the sights you’ll see all the way down to the locations you accidentally stumble upon, each connection that you make is an adventure in its own right and this definitely applies to the people you’ll meet along the way.

From the eternally selfie-ing couple to the enthusiastic newbie who went overboard on the packing, your travels are bound to put you in contact with a host of unforgettable personalities who will forever be ingrained in your memories.

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The Frat Bros
These guys have devoted their lives to bicep building and crushing beer cans with their forehead. Identify them by their board shorts, muscle tanks, tribal tattoos and bloodshot eyes cultivated from months of killing it at beer pong at the local bars of the cities they’re currently cruising through. Loud and boisterous, they travel in packs and are unlikely to turn down an invite to the next Full Moon festival (heck, it’s probably the reason why they’re here in the first place) where they are likely to show up in neon body paint and a surplus of glow sticks. Mostly to jab one another in the eye with after pre-gaming it at the hostel prior to turning up at the festival.


The Worldly Wanderer
This is the person who has been on the road for longer than they can remember and have become fully acclimated to their surroundings. By sustaining themselves financially on a healthy diet of volunteering, work exchanges and strategic penny pinching, they’ve given up the pursuits of air-conditioning and 800 thread count sheets to fully immerse themselves into discovering the many wonders Mother Earth has to offer. From having the local lingo down pat to knowing which back alley dishes out the best Phở you’ll ever have the pleasure of sampling, the Worldly Wanderer is an encyclopaedia of entertaining travel tales, helpful suggestions and enlightening information. Plus points if they’ve also mastered the ways of the bum gun.

The Technobohemian
Basically the Worldly Wanderer but armed with a plethora of different apps and tech devices. Don’t be deceived by the harem pants and faded tank because hidden away in that burlap tote bag he or she carries is an iPhone 7 loaded with mesmerizingly efficient and obscure travel applications that can map out an entire journey for you, aggregate the cheapest hostel prices, book tours, convert currency and track your water intake. Chances are this person is an under-the-radar digital nomad who has been quietly running their super-successful organic smoothie delivery business from a guesthouse in Cambodia over the last six months but whatever the outcome, you’ll usually walk away from an encounter with this individual a little bit more tech savvy then when you first came in.


The Photographer
There’s always that one person who’s constantly whipping out their camera to capture everything that goes on. They’re the ones likely to almost get left behind during group expeditions while fiddling with the aperture setting on their DSLR and go missing from their bed at 5am in the morning to take pictures of the sunrise from the hill behind your hotel. Nothing escapes their lense and everything from a rowdy night out with other hostel guests that ended in you attempting to befriend a palm tree to breathtaking images of the temples of Thailand are stored in their Cloud. You sometimes want to snatch their camera away and beg them to just experience their surroundings but a lot of the time, you’re hankering after them to send you the images of yourself and your new buddy Jeff the palm tree.

The Enthusiastic Packer
The enthusiastic packer has overestimated exactly how many pairs of underwear he’s going to need and his luggage is nearly ripping at the seams from all the weight it’s carrying. And it’s a brand new piece of luggage. Guidebooks, hand sanitizers, toiletries and tent; there’s also a first aid kit shoved somewhere in between his raincoat and laptop charger. Over time the Enthusiastic Packer will evolve into the Deep Heat Diablo due to his reliance on pain relief rub to cope with the complimentary backaches he keeps getting from lugging around his bags. This will eventually lead to him giving away a fair supply of his belongings to fellow travellers in an attempt to lighten the load. The first thing to go will most likely be the bulk supply of hand sanitizers.

Have you met any of these colorful personalities on your travels? Or do you identify with any of them? Share your experience with us in the comments below 🙂

My #TouristlyTrip Down Under


Happy means Sydney! Sydney means shine in summer. There’s no other city in the world that offers so many pristine beaches in such close proximity to the city. With Touristly, you can make your dream come true!” – Craig Ansibin

Picture1Four months ago Touristly invited travel enthusiasts from all around the globe to share their dream holiday with us via the #TouristlyTrips Contest. The winner would get to go on their dream holiday. Craig Ansibin shared his dream holiday with us – a visit to the beautiful city of Sydney – and we made sure he got to do just that. Here’s his story:


I had gotten to know about the #TouristlyTrips Contest while I was browsing through my Facebook feed. This was my first time participating in any contest and the experience was well worth it. It was surreal. I really didn’t think I stood a chance and the competition was tight. There were so many other deserving entries. I was truly shocked (and happy, of course) to get the news that I had won.


I have always wanted to travel to Sydney, it has been my dream to explore the land down under and I’m glad that I got to experience this memorable trip with my sister (I got to bring along 1 person on my dream holiday. How cool is that?!). This was my first time going to Australia and I did not know what to expect, luckily for me Touristly had arranged for me to stay in a stunning hotel in Parramatta,Sydney. The location was spot on, near many popular tourist spots including the famous Sydney Opera House.


We spent most of the trip exploring around the New South Wales district; it was really easy to get around as it was very accessible thanks to Sydney’s efficient public transportation system. Besides that we visited places such as the Blue Mountains (the view was magnificent), Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney Harbour, and Sydney Tower. Despite all that, the highlight of the entire trip for me was watching the magnificent fireworks display at Darling Harbour whilst enjoying a sinfully decadent scoop of ice-cream. Fireworks and ice-cream, you can never go wrong with that combination.


Sydney was truly welcoming and the overall experience was more than I could ever hope for. It was truly an eye-opening experience as well, I admit that I did have some reservations about spending 5 days in a foreign land but this trip has brought out the adventurer in me. For those who were like me (first time visiting Sydney) here are some travel tips I’ve picked up throughout my journey that might help you:


  • Do some research, plan out your itinerary beforehand and you’ll be just fine (the guys are Touristly helped me out with this).
  • The best time to visit the Sydney Royal Botanical Park is in the evening, during sunset, it is absolutely gorgeous.
  • There are plenty of places to buy souvenirs; I would recommend Paddy’s Market in Market City. There are plenty of choices there.
  • A must try for any sweet-tooth is the Macaroons from Zumbo, They’re heavenly.
  • Don’t be afraid to mingle with the locals. They are friendly and very accommodating.


So there you have it my dream holiday to Sydney. This would not have been possible without Touristly; they truly made my dream holiday come true!



We have received a lot of positive feedback from this post (thanks for reading guys 🙂 )  and the good people at Destination NSW have reached out to us to share more information about travelling to Sydney. So if you are looking to find out more about Sydney’s attractions, places to visit, eateries, events, etc, visit: